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Link to Israeli A.I.P ( international English version ) 

Hans Gutmann memorial Rally 2019

Flying over Israel  by David De Vries & Ed Lustig, Flightletter Magazine – Dec 2017 – Flevo flying club in the Netherlands  

Pilots visiting Israel

Flights to Israel,  the stories

Asian air safari – Israeli episode 2017

Dutch group visit - April 2016               Dutch group video

Killing Israeli general aviation

AOPA Pilot    -  Big trouble for GA in Israel

world best  CNN aviation museums

Michael Smith Melbourne to London    May 2015
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Where stupid decisions create uncertaintyBy Arie Egozi on 3 April, 2014  flightglobal030414

New Israeli Guinness Record of lowest, bellow sea level formation flight. has been broken 23rd of November 2013

2015 – the end of general aviation  in Israel ? By Arie Egozi on 4 Dec. 2013 

January 2012 Italy takes aim at its foot with new aviation ‘luxury’ tax
November 2011 Zero/Zero – by Charles Svoboda
October 20011 CarolAnn GarrettDash for cureWorld flight
PowerPoint presentation
September 2011 Pilot plans third fundraising flight to conquer ALS

July 2011

AOPA Israel fly in to Bulgaria Program

June 2011

AOPA Luxemburg Fly out to Spain and Purtogal
Program Details & registration

June 2011

AOPA Hellas – KAVALA,Greece fly-in & Air show

January 2011

Magnetic North Pole Shifts, Forces Runway Closures at Florida Airport

Qantas QF32 flight from the cockpit

November 2010

Chairman report

October 2010

MiG-21: Beyond the Myth and the Legends

October 2010

First Cooperation between JIA and Sq.10 of AOPA Israel

September 2010

Visit of 5 aircrafts from Germany

September 2010

Fly in to Georgia -press clips

July 2010

Fly in to Georgia

June 2010

Med, Dead and Red seas in one day N37US

July 2009

Flying from Switzerland to Israel & Egypt – HB DIE

Mars 2010

Flying over cape cod

January 2010

JIA Co-founder Howars Cooper visit to Israel

October 2008

AOPA Swiss letters of gratitude by Rudi Grebe V.P. & Phillipe Hauzer C.O

International Fly-in 2008 to Israe

Pictures from Peace Rally 2008


Peace Rally 2008 short videos

Flyin in Israel – Article from Plane&Pilot

June 2008

IAOPA World Assembly Resolutions

AOPA / FAI Peace Rally 2008

IAOPA eNews Bulletins

september 2010

A global approach to GA

Push- and push again

July 2006

Rally in Norway

Worst mistake pilots can do

Flying, is it worth staying healthy

The Key

IFR Flight as continuing aducation

May 2004

International Rally to Israel 1st album 2nd album

October 2003

Turkey Fly in

Which types of clouds are LEAST likely to cause structural icing ?

Hot Night Spots

Dark night VFR

Airport infrastructure

Fuel burn



New season, new decisions

Power lines









Landing distance and wind

Maintain VFR

The weather never sleeps

Flying on paint Thinner

Drag,lift and flap

?Full flaps

The inside storybehind saturated air and fog formation